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Two Scirocco units to dissipate heat produced by a cogeneration plant in a galvanising company

  • Italy, Veneto

The end customer requirement
The customer is a company from the Veneto region specialising in cold electrolytic galvanising treatments and in the implementation of the most complex and innovative galvanic processes.
The industry’s need is to reduce energy consumption and optimise the product drying process in order to offer its customers an increasingly competitive and sustainable service.

Storage description
Our partner designed, built and supplied the customer with a methane-fuelled cogeneration plant for the production of electrical and thermal energy.
All the energy produced is consumed by the company itself, allowing a 30% reduction in energy consumption and costs.

Storage informations
The cogeneration plant is characterised by an MTU Rolls-Royce engine, which guarantees an electrical power of 854 kW and a thermal power of 891 kW, in the form of hot water at 90°C and steam at 1 bar.
For heat dissipation, 2 Scirocco Dry Coolers were installed, specially designed and sized to ensure maximum plant efficiency in all climatic conditions.

Stefani’s solutions
Installed products

Two SCIROCCO Dry Coolers
Products with high heat exchange efficiency.

Advantage obtained

Our machines offer optimum heat dissipation, ensuring that the cogeneration plant achieves maximum efficiency in all climatic conditions.

An order managed in full cooperation with our partner, who chooses Stefani not only for the extremely high performance guaranteed by our products, but also for the advice of our technicians, who are always ready to offer ideas to improve the efficiency of the solutions.

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