heat exchange performance

New Stefani’s policy focuses on guaranteed heat exchange performance and works hard to confirm the company’s performances in the field. This is a correct and fair approach to our customers.

With us, 10 kW means 10 kW.

If someone gives you 8.5 the COP of the system is reduced by 10%.

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Our performance is guaranteed

and allows reduced work of the compressor, which lasts longer. 15% of the capacity is the equivalent of 2/3 hours’ running time.

Our DT is guaranteed.

One degree of DT accounts for 20% of the good weight.

With us you are always sure to pay what is right.

Our commitment in numbers

Capacity tolerance


Energy consumption tolerance


Air quantity tolerance


Noise tolerance

3db (A)

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A company made of people

Our project involves everyone, from new arrivals to those who contributed to Stefani history.

We work and invest for continuous improvement; guaranteed heat exchange performance means seriousness and I believe we have to be committed to improve our industry standards.
Massimo Stefani, President
At new Stefani we joke about working with the right spirit, but we are serious when it comes to performance: we have decided that we will shortly start the process for obtaining Eurovent certification of our product performance.
Michele Belverato, General Manager
I have always believed that knowledge makes the difference and its application to thermodynamic performance certainly offers us some important benefit, but reliability comes first and that’s why we work hard every day to earn it.
Fabio Zoggia, Commercial Director

We have designed new software for calculating the thermodynamic performance of our products

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