Industrial cubic air cooler

The industrial cubic air cooler GRECALE was created with various types of industrial refrigeration applications in mind. Thanks to a very wide range, GRECALE meets the needs of installers who need the maximum technical and economic competitiveness.

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The new series has uncompromising structural quality and a high-performance exchange core, it is rich in configurations and accessories and has been optimised to increase space for goods in the cold store. For consumption efficiency, the version with hot gas and water defrosting is available, even for low temperature cold stores.

Large exchange areas
Possibility of reducing the defrosting intervals
The optimal solution in combination with stainless steel versions

An extremely competitive technical-economic solution
Compact unit for optimising transport and dimensions in the cold store
Extension of solutions in the power ranges

630 physical models – Unmatched range

0 kW
Power 11 to 205 kW – SC2 fin spacing 6 mm
0 m
Up to 6 m unit length
0 cm
Starting from 970 cm unit height
Up to 1.320 m² exchange surfaces with fin spacing 6 mm
0 m
Up to 70 m air gradients
Years of guarantee


  • kW/lt and kW/W performances at the top of the market.
  • Minimum consumptions up to 45 W/kW SC2 fin spacing 6 mm.
  • Large plenums and high nozzles air gradients up to 70 m.
  • Air flow rate for all applications between 400 and 650 (m2/h) / kW (SC2)
  • Reduced dimensions in cold store units with compact height.
  • GRECALE-T compact version designed for saving.


  • Drip tray with high drainage with metal discharge.
  • Double hinged basin and removable internal drip tray for maximum cleaning and guarantee against condensate.
  • Painted structure in 15/10 sheet metal for excellent strength.

  • Connections always on the same side even with 6 m units.
  • Large technical spaces to work in comfort.
  • Large exchange areas 1320 m² fin spacing 6 mm.

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Example of application


  • Unit length
    up to 6 m
  • Fin material
    Al, Al-Mg, prepainted Al, cataphoresis
  • 5 fin spacing
    4 – 6 – 8 – 10 – 12 mm
  • Ventilations
    Ø 500 – 560 – 630 – 710 low – 710 high – 800 mm
  • Number of fans
    1 to 5
  • Versions with stainless steel pipes and structure
  • Pressing version


  • All synthetic refrigerants
  • direct expansion and pumped CO2
  • Pumped NH3
  • Glycol
  • Brine


  • Insulated drip tray
  • Opening drip trays and side panels
  • Electric and hot gas water defrosting in separate double circuit
  • EC motors, Z+ Aeraulic Optimiser
  • Air throw hoods and coil dampers for optimised defrosting

Meat processing plant

The 26 GRECALE air coolers, distributed in 13 cold rooms, stabilise 190,000 kg of meat every 12 hours. The continuous cycle is guaranteed by the efficient water defrosting which avoids any machine downtime.

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