V-type single-row dry cooler

ZONDA is the new V-type single-row dry cooler allow heat exchange designed for limited space availability or visibility on the roofs.

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800 kW up to 800kW in only 1.2mt height – EG35% DT15k

Models in 3 configuration
0 kW
From 20 to 800 kW – DT 15K Capacity
0 kW
Up to 560 kW with only 45 dB(A) 10 m EG35% DT15K EC
0 kW/m²
Up to 1100 kW/m² DT15 EG 35% – High capacity per foot print
+ 12% increased thickness high-efficiency rippled tube
+ 20% increased thickness high-efficiency louvered fins


  • Performance kW/m² of footprint at the top of the market.

  • Three versions: Small, Standard, Large for various space requirements.

  • Adiabatic solution to increase performances.


  • Increased thicknesses in the coil without compromising on material quality.

  • Metal structure in pre-painted plate 15/10 for excellent solidity.

  • Connection protected thanks to header protection pannels.

  • Optimised transport with machines always sitting side by side.

High nozzles
For maximum efficiency

Three possible configurations
W1,2 x L1,5 x H1,2
W1,2 x L1,5 x H1,5
W1,2 x L1,7 x H1,2

Solid structure
With casing and heading protections

Low noise
To reduce noise levels we offer two silencer versions

EC fan technolgy
to increase significantly silence level and energy saving

Versions with ADIABATIC operation
with non-organic PAD


  • Machine length
    1,5 ÷ 11,4 m
  • 3 fin spacing
    2,1 – 2,4 – 3,6 mm
  • Fan size
    Ø 630 – 800 – 900 – 1000 mm
  • DT 15K Capacity
    20 ÷ 800 kW
  • Number of fans
    1 ÷ 8


  • Synthetic refrigerants
  • CO2 – gas cooler 120 bar
  • NH3 – ammonia condenser
  • Glycol


  • EC fan motors
  • Two silencers available for fans (D800-D900)
  • Corrosion treatment for coil resistant up to 6000h in salt fog
  • Adiabatic solutions: PAD and spray system

Air conditioning system for a 90-apartment building

A new concept system that combines the advantages of traditional chillers and geothermal systems, avoiding the drawbacks of both solutions.

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