V-type double-row condenser

OSTRO H is the V-type double-row condenser for high power refrigeration, air conditioning and industrial processes. OSTRO can be configured in 3 solutions: Dry, Spray and Pad. In the Spray and Pad versions with water injection, the power increases are very significant and guarantee a legionnella-free solution. OSTRO can be used with a complete range of ventilations and refrigerants.

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– 15% refrigerant charge compared to market reference

Years of warranty
0 kW
From 210 to 2.570 kW – DT 15K R404A capacity
0 kW/lt
Up to 6,5 kW/lt R404A – Ø 910 mm – 6 poles DT15
0 kW
1.000 kW R404A DT15 40 dB (A) 10 m AC motors
+ 20% increased thickness high-efficiency louvered fins


  • kW/lt and kW/W performance at the top of the market.
  • Standard and Large versions to optimize power density, absorption and noise, plus a very large range to choose from.


  • Increased thicknesses in the coil without compromising on material quality.
  • Metal structure in pre-painted plate for excellent solidity.

Fan shroud and plenum
For high exchange efficiency

We offer silencers to reduce noise levels, also in plus version

Aeraulic optimization
thanks to the particular V configuration


  • Machine length
    up to 12,5 m
  • 3 fin spacing
    2,1 – 2,4 – 3,6 mm
  • Fan size
    Ø 800 – 900 – 1000 mm
  • Number of fans
    1 ÷ 18


  • All synthetic refrigerants
  • CO2 – gas cooler 120 bar

  • NH3 – ammonia condenser


  • EC fan motors
  • Two silencers available for fans (D800-D900)
  • Heat exchanger treatment resistant up to 6000 h in saline mist
  • PAD adiabatic
  • Spray system
  • Integrated regulation system
  • Coil filter


Discover our latest achievements, custom-designed to ensure the best performance in heat exchange and energy savings.

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