Commercial refrigeration

In preservation there are packed products, frozen products and fresh products that breathe. There is a significant difference in their needs. For fresh products we adopt solutions that maintain the organoleptic qualities of the breathing product unchanged over time…


Industrial refrigeration

STEFANI’S air heat exchangers applications for industrial refrigeration

Our long experience in the sector of industrial refrigeration allows us to offer high-performing solutions as regards the particular needs of processing rooms and those of the delicate process of temperature reduction…


Refrigeration for logistics

STEFANI’S air heat exchangers applications for refrigeration for logistics

Directly linked to the presence of large retail chains, refrigerated logistic centres are becoming more and more common. We are talking about normally large areas where goods transit for medium-short periods, whether they are fresh or frozen products. They are normally very large cold stores that require…


Comfort and conditioning

STEFANI’S air heat exchangers applications for comfort and conditioning

In conditioning applications, such as HVAC for large buildings, let us now consider the different aspects linked to heat dissipation:
› ability to guarantee heat exchange performances while minimizing energy absorption and noise emission…


Process cooling

STEFANI’S air heat exchangers applications for process cooling

Process cooling may be of various types: industrial water cooling applications such as the cooling of moulds or electric panels, heat sinks for large motors or generating sets, cooling of auxiliaries such as pumps in oil&gas applications…


Coils for OEM applications

STEFANI’S customized finned packs and coils for OEM applications

We make customized finned packs for batch production, for our customers’ machines. In particular for the following sectors…

Air heat exchangers applications