Scirocco units used as emergency heat sinks in a cement factory

  • Austria

The end customer requirement
The end customer needs to install particularly strong emergency heat sinks in its cement factory. The heat sink must be resistant to high temperatures (150°C), chemicals and abrasion.

Storage description
The heat sink is installed in a large cement factory in Gmunden, Austria.
The area in which the plant was to be built is very small, which made it necessary to optimise space and use compact, high-performance machines.

Storage informations
Installed power: 15.2 MW.

Stefani’s solutions
Installed products

SCIROCCO Dry coolers
The system was installed with our Scirocco Dry Coolers, equipped with pressing electronic fans, C5 corrosion class coating on the coils and stainless steel pipes.

Advantage obtained

Thanks to our system, we were able to guarantee a high heat exchange power in an area of only 120 m².

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