V-type double-row dry cooler

OSTRO W is a product range of V-type double-row dry cooler designed to meet the needs of high capacity exchange in dry cooler and condenser operation for the industrial process, HVAC air conditioning and refrigeration. With the PAD or SPRAY versions the capacity increases, thanks to water injection, are very significant and guarantee a legionella-free solution.

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Capacities up to 2030 kW – DT15°C, EG 35% – in the Dry version

Capacities up to 3000 kW – DT15°C, EG 35% in the Adiabatic version

Models in 2 configurations
Years of warranty
0 kW
790 kW DT15°C DT15 EG 35% AC fan 44 db(A) 10m – High capacities with low noise
0 kW/m²
Up to 75 kW/m² DT15 EG 35% – High capacity density


  • Performance in kW versus market (+5/+15%) with the same ventilation and coil size.

  • Fan consumption at market minimums (-3/-10%) with the same ventilation and coil size.

  • Consumption less than 0.5% of the capacity exchanged up to 1.0 MW DT15°C, EG 35% with EC motors.


  • High thicknesses of pipes and fins.

  • Casing in painted plate 20/10 for excellent strength.

  • Connection protected thanks to header protection pannels.

  • Optimised transport with units sized for container transport.

Versions with ADIABATIC operation
with non-organic PAD

Super silent versions
using EC motors and silencers

Excellent aeraulics thanks to air flow separation baffles
longitudinal and transverse

High corrosion resistance
with electrolytic coating treatments

EC fan technolgy
to increase significantly silence level and energy saving


  • Length
    up to 12.5 m

  • Versions available with stainless steel pipes and structure
  • Fin material
    Al, Al-Mg, Cu, Al pv, Al cath

  • 3 fin spacing
    2,1 – 2,4 – 3,6 mm
  • DT15°C EG 35% capacity
    220 ÷ 2030 kW in the Dry version

  • Fan size
    Ø 800 – 900 – 1000 mm

  • Number of fans
    4 ÷ 18


  • Synthetic refrigerants
  • CO2 – gas cooler 120 bar
  • NH3 – ammonia condenser
  • Glicole


  • High-temperature motors
  • EC versions with silencer
  • EC fan (option THD 5%)
  • Heat exchanger treatment resistant up to 6000 h in saline mist
  • Adiabatic solutions: sprayed pack and spray system with nozzles
  • Wired plug&play adjustment systems
  • Recirculation system for legionella-free PAD
  • Drainable circuits, vibration dampers and flanges
  • Coil protecting wire nets

Process cooling for a tomato processing plant

The OSTRO units used in this installation of only 120 m² offer excellent heat exchange capacity, despite their low refrigerant charge.

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