Industrial philosophy

With Stefani you have the guarantee of working with a company that has a strong industrial philosophy, driven by owner who believe in the product and in the need to build up a solid partnership with customers. A company willing to make a long-term investment for a continuous improvement of its offer.


Our production has been renewed following the main technological innovations. Thanks to the expansion of the factory, we were able and willing to insert a new production line able to respond to the logic of Industry 4.0, reorganising all our production according to the dictates of Lean Production. The strengths of the new production line are software that dialogues directly with the management system and the implementation of automations that speed up processes and, above all, make them even safer.



Thanks to our 50 years of operation in the heat exchange sector, we have gained significant experience in all types of applications, developing expertise that translates into guaranteed success for our customers. We are perfectly familiar with the international and Italian markets and are structured to offer prompt answers and advice to our customers’ requirements worldwide.


Thanks to our 52 years of operation in the sector, we have acquired important experience in all types of application: our experience is your guarantee of success.


With our agile structure, consisting of 95 employees, we offer the flexibility and speed that you need. You are at the centre of attention thanks to the consulting of a dedicated commercial correspondent and you can be sure of rapid replies to your requests.


Innovation is the driving force that the company most relies on

We pursue this by investing in persons who, with their experience and with the possibility of collaborating with Universities and research laboratories, are the driving force behind Stefani’s innovative heart. But we also pursue it above all through a continuous dialogue with our customers, who often give us the necessary input for the creation of new solutions.

Passion for quality

Every day we are committed to guaranteeing the maximum quality of our products: because we want Stefani to be acknowledged above all for the performance and solidity of the products we propose. Discover how we test and certify our products to offer you the best quality.

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