Industrial refrigeration

In processing rooms, as well as in temperature reduction processes, very different solutions are required, depending on the specific process requirement. Our speciality is the constructive customisation of the machines to adapt them to the process layout in the best possible way.

Processing rooms
In these industrial refrigeration applications, product refrigeration requires very varied solutions, depending on the specific need of the process. Some require significant drying in the time unit, others the guarantee of less weight loss of the stored product. The cold could also require alternate cycles or air circulation adequate for the presence of personnel or of the treated product. The process requirements for maturing, drying or smoking rooms, for cleanrooms or for processing rooms, differ a great deal in terms of material compatibility and product sanitization. For these applications, ventilated units are available with natural refrigerants such as glycol, CO2, or synthetic refrigerants of the latest generation.

Blast chillers
The following are of fundamental importance in processes for rapid temperature reduction in industrial refrigeration: correct air circulation, great residual static pressures and suitable speeds for fast freezing of the product. Great ice formations are managed with adequate surfaces and defrosting systems in electrical versions, with hot gas, hot glycol, or water. The construction solutions envisage different geometries and pitches for large exchange surfaces. Our distinctive feature is the customisation of machine construction to adapt them to the process layout with ventilated units generally using ammonia or CO2.

Our products for industrial refrigeration



Commercial cubic air cooler


Below are some examples of the application of our industrial air cooler units in processing rooms. By clicking on each of them you can learn more details.

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