Commercial cubic air cooler

The new commercial cubic air cooler BOREA is the first project developed according to Stefani’s new philosophy. The company redesigned its heat exchangers to obtain maximum efficiency and thermodynamic performance. There are 192 models and plenty of accessories in the range, including water defrosting for the largest commercial sizes.

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+5% Variation in yield measured at TÜV

0 kW
From 1 to 60 kW – DT 8K Capacity
0 kW/lt
Up to 1,9 kW/lt – SC2 fin spacing 5,5 mm
+ 8% increased thickness high-efficiency rippled tube
+ 20% increased thickness high-efficiency louvered fins


  • kW/lt and kW/W performance at the top of the market.
  • On average 120Watt/m² of defrosting power fin spacing 5.5mm.


  • Increased thicknesses in the coil without compromising on material quality.
  • Hinged basin for maximum cleanliness and protection from condensation.
  • Prepainted aluminum casing and use of stainless steel hardware.
  • Wide technical compartment for an easy job.

Hinged structural work
For easy access to the entire machine

Easy installation
With slots and product already packaged in position

Length of connections suitable
For easy welding

Metal discharge
for maximum reliability

EC fan technolgy
to increase significantly energy saving

Nozzle resistance
low temperature nozzle defrosting


  • Machine length
    675 ÷ 4000 mm
  • 5 fin spacing
    4 – 5,5 – 6,5 – 7,5 – 9 mm
  • Fan size
    Ø 250 – 315 – 350 – 450 – 500 mm
  • DT 8K Capacity
    1 ÷ 60 kW
  • Number of fans
    1 ÷ 4


  • Synthetic refrigerants
  • Brine
  • CO2


  • EC fan motors
  • Fan ring heater
  • After heating section
  • AISI 304 Casing
  • Insulated double dip tray
  • Air streamer for fan (available from D350)
  • Cataphoresis coil treatment
  • Fan air socks

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Carrot storage in Egypt is as fascinating as it is complex.

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