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Storage and conditioning plant for yellow and green kiwi fruit

  • France, Nouvelle-Aquitaine

The end customer requirement
The end customer grows yellow and green kiwi fruit and works with an international brand, which requires a guarantee that the highest product quality standards are met throughout the production flow.

Storage description
The company is located in a large green area, which includes the kiwi plantations, the kiwi storage plant and an orchard entirely dedicated to private individuals who can pick the fruit themselves and pay for it in the shop set up for them.
The storage facility works in a complete cycle with strict quality control at all stages of the process: growing, storing, grading and packaging the kiwis.
At the end of the cycle, a laboratory constantly checks the organoleptic qualities of the kiwis in accordance with the set standards.

Storage informations
The kiwi plantations cover an area of 30 hectares.
The total area of the storage facility is 15,000 m² and the 20 cold stores can hold up to 3,600 tonnes of kiwis.

Stefani’s solutions
Installed products

In the storage cells: special industrial air coolers.
The industrial air coolers are machines built exclusively for this customer. They guarantee a high quality of fruit preservation without the need for chemical additives.

In the grading room: industrial cubic air coolers
Strong industrial machines that ensure constant conditioning of the grading room.

Advantage obtained

Thanks to the use of special industrial air-coolers, made to a specific design, we have ensured the end customer of a reduction in diseases thanks to the absence of water stress and the consequent deterioration due to plasmolysis. Excellent product freshness.

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