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Parsley storage plant

  • Italy, Piedmont

The end customer requirement
The end customer needs to store parsley for as long as possible after the summer harvest season. As the cold rooms are loaded using the entire floor area and the entire height, the customer requires blast chillers that can cool the cold rooms uniformly, overcoming the obstacles present. Finally, the units must ensure that their defrosting process takes place in the total absence of water splashes which, by freezing, could compromise the parsley underneath.

Storage description
The facility consists of 6 cold rooms containing 12,000 pallets of parsley, with a total quantity of 5,000 tonnes of product stored. In order to optimise the use of the available space, the pallets were positioned using the entire floor area and the entire height of the cold room, thus leaving a useful space of approximately 1m between the ceiling and the shelving in which to position the refrigerating units.

Storage informations
The system works with ammonia and consists of 12 BLIZZARD units, that is 2 for each cold room. These units are water defrosted and develop a total cooling power of 1.38 MW. The temperature in the cold room is -25°C, while the evaporation temperature is -35°C.

Stefani’s solutions
Installed products

In the cold rooms: BLIZZARD blast chillers
BLIZZARD blast chillers have a high air flow and head, as well as excellent water defrosting control. They are also equipped with an inclined suspended tank that allows easy maintenance despite the low temperature conditions of the cold rooms.

Advantage obtained

Despite the presence of obstacles, the customer achieved a uniform temperature reduction in the cold rooms by using our Blizzards. In addition, thanks to the special defrosting of these blast chillers, the customer has ensured that there is no splashing of water during this operation, thus avoiding the formation of ice on the delicate product stored underneath.

Parsley is a very delicate product, so its storage also requires special attention, especially in a plant where the 6 available cold rooms are loaded to capacity. The high head of Blizzard blast chillers guarantees homogeneous cooling in the cold room, despite the fact that the stored goods severely impede the airflow.

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