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Industrial refrigeration for one of Italy’s largest Distribution Centres

  • Italy, Piedmont

The end customer requirement
The end customer is one of Italy’s largest retailers. The company operates in five Italian regions, with almost 700 outlets. The customer’s need is to guarantee the cold chain in two large storage areas and their loading bays.

Storage description
The refrigeration plant was built as an extension of one of Italy’s most important Distribution Centres. This extension alone covers an area of 13,000 m2.
The continuity of the cold chain is guaranteed by three refrigerating units that supply the following areas of the site: two large storage areas, one dedicated to cold meats and dairy products and the other to fruit and vegetables, and three loading bays.

Storage informations
The three units develop a total cooling capacity of 1,850 kW, with plans for future expansion.
The cooling power is used by 28 ZEFIRO dual discharge machines and 10 GRECALE industrial air coolers.
As far as heat transfer is concerned, this takes place via three large OSTRO gas-coolers, which together have a total condensing capacity of 3 MW.

Stefani’s solutions
Installed products

In the fruit and vegetable area and in the 3 loading bays: 18 ZEFIRO dual discharge air coolers.
The air distribution of ZEFIRO dual discharge air coolers ensures a comfortable environment for the personnel working in the cells by mixing the air, which is evenly diffused as it falls gently from the ceiling.

In the cold meats and cheeses area: 10 GRECALE cubic air coolers.
Grecale coolers generate a long air throw that provides optimum coverage of the aisles between the high racks.


Advantage obtained

The cold rooms ensure ideal storage conditions for fresh produce, while maintaining low energy consumption and a comfortable environment for operators.

We collaborated with our customer Arneg in the project, supplying our machines. The customer is fully satisfied with the quality of our products, which have enabled him to achieve a system that meets his expectations.

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