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Heating and Cooling for residential buildings

  • The Netherlands, Holland

The end customer requirement
The customer needs a quick solution for the air conditioning of a residential building. This solution must exclude the use of a heat pump system with perforation, which requires too long an installation time and is therefore not suitable to satisfy the customer’s request.

Storage description
The system must be installed in a residential building in the Netherlands, which also houses commercial activities on the ground floor. The glycol system uses 89 heat pumps with a low refrigerant charge.

Storage informations
The system must serve 89 apartments, with a total cooling capacity of 180 kW and a total heating capacity of 300 kW.

Stefani’s solutions
Installed products

To meet the customer’s needs, the system has been equipped with 2 V-type liquid coolers, OSTRO model 5×2 900 mm, with EC fan technology, complete with wiring and electrical panel. The maximum noise level of this system is 47 dB (A) in 10mt.

The most important feature of the proposed solution concerns the possibility of being able to offer both the heating and the air conditioning functions with a single system.

Advantage obtained

The main advantage of Stefani’s proposal is that it offers a very high quality solution in a very short time.

For the construction of this system we worked with one of our partners in the Netherlands: a young Start-Up that, in just three years, thanks to the solutions proposed and the great expertise offered to its customers, has managed to reap important results while working in an extremely competitive market.
Installing such an important system in a residential building was a particularly challenging task both for the objectives to be achieved and for the delicacy of the type of intervention, mainly intended for residential use.

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