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Cooling of plastic extrusion moulds

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The end customer requirement
The customer needs to cool the moulds used for plastic extrusion. It therefore requires a system which, in an extremely small space, can guarantee a large heat exchange capacity to dissipate the heat produced by its continuous production process.

Storage description
The customer is a large manufacturing company, which produces semi-finished products for thermoforming, in sheet and reel form, by extruding plastic laminates.

Storage informations
Total plant capacity: 2.6 MW with EG30% at an inlet temperature of 39°C and an ambient temperature of 34°C.

Stefani’s solutions
Installed products

OSTRO Dry coolers
To meet the customer’s needs, we developed an adiabatic solution consisting of our OSTRO dry cooler with metal PAD and complete with a recirculation pump system, which guarantees a significant reduction in water consumption. We chose to use EC fans and special ventilation and recirculation water control systems.

Advantage obtained

A reliable and competitive solution which, thanks to the use of PAD, guarantees efficient mould cooling even at particularly high ambient temperatures, keeping the performance of the customer’s production cycle constant.

An efficient and long-lasting process cooling solution, specifically designed to meet the customer’s needs in terms of plant efficiency and reduced plant size.

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