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Carrots storage system

  • Egypt, Cairo

The end customer requirement
The customer needs to rent cold stores suitable for the conservation of carrots. His service is closely related to the quality of conservation, a fundamental requirement to ensure the quality of the carrots over time.

Storage description
This carrot storage system, built in Egypt, includes an air-cooled control unit that works with the refrigerant gas R404A.

Storage informations
The structure houses 6 cold stores that are very similar in shape and characteristics. Each cold store can hold up to 100 tons of carrots, so, in total, the system can store up to about 600 tons of this vegetable.

Stefani’s solutions
Installed products

In cold stores: BOREA 44 Commercial cubic air coolers.
In these carrot storage rooms, our BOREA 44 have been installed: very compact air coolers, but with great cooling power. The choice of these products was dictated by the need to use very compact machines in order to maximize the load in the cold store.

Advantage obtained

The customer is extremely satisfied with the proposed solution that allows the cold store to reach and maintain optimal conditions of 0°C with 95% RH.

Carrot storage in Egypt is as fascinating as it is complex. The delicacy of the products stored in this system located in the lively area of the fruit and vegetable market in Cairo, required us to carry out careful design work in partnership with our dealer in Egypt: a loyal dealer, who chooses Stefani products for their quality and competitiveness.
The success of this system is, therefore, the result of a splendid collaboration.

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