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Storage and grading system for organic apples, Juliet apples, red kiwis and peaches

  • France, Occitanie

The end customer requirement
The end customer produces organic apples and needs a plant that meets the requirements to certify this process.

Storage description
Leaving Moissac, known for its beautiful Romanesque abbey, you head towards Bordeaux, in a region that is very green due to the large expanses of orchards.
This is where the plant is located, run by a family business.
Father and son look after the plant, the mother manages the administration and the daughter runs the delightful shop where local people come to buy excellent zero-kilometre products.
All around, there are the company’s own fruit plantations.

Storage informations
The processing and storage plant covers a total area of 8,200 m² and the 12 cold rooms store up to 3,000 tonnes of product.
The storage plant uses a cooling capacity of only 700 kW.

Stefani’s solutions
Installed products

In the storage cells: special industrial air coolers.
The industrial air coolers are machines built exclusively for this customer. They guarantee a high quality of preservation with very low weight loss.

Advantage obtained

Reduction in weight loss of apples: only 3% in 9 months.

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