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Storage and grading system for grapes, plums, cherries and green kiwis

  • France, Occitanie

The end customer requirement
The end customer is one of the most important fruit storage and distribution centres in the area and handles a large quantity of product, with frequent opening of the cold rooms.
The customer therefore needs a plant with low energy consumption.

Storage description
The plant is located between Toulouse and Agen, in the heart of one of France’s most important fruit and vegetable production areas.
It is a very attractive facility, defined by a large handling area and a storage and logistics centre with a modern and rational architectural design.

Storage informations
The storage facility covers a total area of 8,500 m². The large cold rooms store up to 3,600 tonnes of product. The cooling capacity used is 1,400 kW.

Stefani’s solutions
Installed products

In the storage cells: special industrial air coolers.
These industrial air coolers are machines built to an exclusive design.
Combined with precise control of environmental conditions, they guarantee very high energy savings.

Advantage obtained

40% saving on energy consumption compared to a traditional plant.

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