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Pork storage and shipping plant

  • Spain, Catalonia

The end customer requirement
The customer has to build one of the largest meat processing plants in Europe: a plant that will process 2,400 tonnes of meat per day. For this reason, they are looking for a partner who can cope with a very complex order in a very short time.

Storage description
The first part of the plant is dedicated to chilling and stabilizing the half-carcasses (link all’altra referenza), while the second part is dedicated to the processing cells and loading bays.
Inside the plant there are kilometres of overhead rails that connect all the areas thanks to a continuous cycle that touches all the different processing phases. A virtually uninterrupted flow of transport vehicles arrives at and departs from the 22 loading bays of the plant, overlooked by the huge evaporation towers.

Storage informations
The plant covers an area of 62,000 m² and its compressor stations develop a total of 20 MW cooling capacity.

Stefani’s solutions
Installed products

In the cold stores: industrial cubic air coolers.
The industrial cubic chillers installed develop 4.1 MW, which is needed for the 26 cold stores and the low-temperature warehouses.

In the loading bays: dual flow industrial air coolers.
In the 22 loading bays, Stefani dual flow industrial air coolers guarantee the cold cycle with 900 kW of installed power.

Advantage obtained

The customer found in Stefani a capable partner who quickly found the right solutions for the construction of a very complex plant. This was possible thanks to a close connection between the plant’s design team and Stefani’s production: a unique condition for achieving the set goal.

A very complex order for the construction of a plant located in Spain, in the region of Catalonia, which, with the installation of a large number of special machines, is destined to become one of Europe’s leading meat processing plants.
The production of such a large number of customised products – 125 units in fact – in a period of just five months can only be guaranteed by a flexible, well-organised company with a great deal of expertise. We demonstrated these qualities by completing this ambitious project on time, and we are proud to have been able to work with them.

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