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Apple storage system

  • Italy, Trentino South Tyrol

The end customer requirement
The end customer, an apple grower in Trentino South Tyrol, needs to stock 13 different qualities of apples for long term storage, keeping a check on their weight loss, in order to guarantee the best quality of the product over time.

Storage description
The apple storage system includes an ammonia-operated power station and an ethylene glycol distribution network for air cooler units.

Storage informations
The structure houses 5,000 tons of apples divided into 13 varieties, each with different storage needs. For this reason, the structure consists of 13 cold stores, each measuring 4000m².

Stefani’s solutions
Installed products

In cold stores with controlled atmosphere: industrial cubic air coolers
The industrial cubic air coolers installed in this apple storage system are characterised by heat exchangers with very large exchange surfaces, capable of responding to the high powers involved.

In corridors: dual flow air coolers
To cool the corridor area, it was decided to install dual-flow air coolers which, with minimum space requirements, guarantee the best air distribution.

Advantage obtained

Thanks to this solution, the system is able to maintain the excellent organoleptic characteristics of the product, limiting the weight loss of all 13 types of apples to only 2%.

The complexity of the structure and the delicacy of the products stored in it meant that, first of all, we had to carry out careful design work, in partnership with our customer.
This is, in fact, a loyal customer, who continues to choose Stefani not only for the quality of the products, but also for the preparation of our technical staff.
Together we have already built many other equally prestigious installations both in Europe and outside the continent, but this system, in particular, presented a captivating and involving challenge for two main reasons:
1. As an installer specialising in controlled atmosphere applied to apples, our customer is very demanding in terms of the results he wants to achieve;
2. The great difference between the 13 different types of apples stored in the system required a customised intervention in each individual cold store for the best calibration of the air coolers.
The success of this system is, therefore, the result of a splendid collaboration.

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