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Parsley storage plant

The end customer needs to store parsley for as long as possible after the summer harvest season. As the cold rooms are loaded using the entire floor area and the entire height, the customer requires blast chillers that can cool the cold rooms uniformly, overcoming the obstacles present. Finally, the units must ensure that their defrosting process takes place in the total absence of water splashes which, by freezing, could compromise the parsley underneath.

Banana storage and ripening plant

The end customer needs to build a banana ripening plant, which guarantees precise control of the temperature in the cell, managed in heating and cooling mode, depending on the specific moment of the ripening cycle. The plant must be able to reconcile the time taken to load the bananas, which arrive in containers by ship, with the capillary deliveries to the logistics centres of large-scale retailers.

Pharmaceutical Refrigeration Project

Our customer required three critically temperature controlled chambers in which to store environment sensitive Pharmaceutical Products. This was to be completed over two time critical phases. The first phase was to include the installation of a 500m² Sorting Area and a 1500m² cold storage facility and the second phase accounting for the installation of an adjoining 2200m² cold storage facility. The complete turnkey package was to be completed over a 16 week period and more importantly they specified 100% contingency due to the critical nature and expense of the pharmaceuticals to be stored within the chambers.

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