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Stefani has supplied the evaporators for the temperature control system in an important logistics hub in Santiago de Chile managed by DHL
The project has been managed by Refricentro SA, a well-established Chilean partner with which Stefani collaborates on a regular basis. The project involves a logistic centre for the storage and distribution of fresh and frozen food products.
Here, 11 SHIP industrial evaporators have been installed, direct-expansion and with different configurations depending on whether they work inside chambers for fresh products or cold rooms for frozen products.
The loading and unloading areas are kept at a controlled temperature thanks to a specific refrigerating system and to 5 Stefani SpA SHCP-series evaporators.
Units installed:
– 2 industrial evaporators SHIP 056 / 3 D8
– 1 industrial evaporator SHIP 056 / 2 D8
– 1 industrial evaporator SHIP 056 / 2 D8
– 5 industrial evaporators SHCP 045 / 3 E6
– 6 industrial evaporators SHIP 056 / 2 E10
– 1 industrial evaporator SHIP 056 / 3 G12

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