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Meat processing plant

  • Spain, Catalonia

The end customer requirement
The customer has to build one of the largest meat processing plants in Europe and needs to work with a partner who can supply the units in just 5 months. The order includes both units in the catalogue and special units, made to customer specifications.

Storage description
The first part of the plant is dedicated to chilling and stabilizing the half-carcasses.
From the 3 km² reservoir, which meets the plant’s water requirements, it is possible to appreciate the entire installation, which covers an area of 62,000 m² in the bleak landscape of Catalonia.

Storage informations
The plant processes 2,400 tons of meat per day divided between semi-finished and finished product. The cooling capacity used is 20 MW.

Stefani’s solutions
Installed products

In the chilling tunnels: 45 BURAN special blast chillers
Stainless steel blast chillers that develop a particularly high cooling capacity, necessary to chill half-carcasses quickly. The 45 BURAN blast chillers develop a total cooling capacity of 5 MW, with an air flow of 3,380,000 m³/h.

In the stabilisation cold rooms: 26 GRECALE 900 special XL industrial cubic air coolers
Units compact in height with a large heat exchange surface.

Advantage obtained

The 26 GRECALE air coolers, distributed in 13 cold rooms, stabilise 190,000 kg of meat every 12 hours. The continuous cycle is guaranteed by the efficient water defrosting which avoids any machine downtime.

A very complex job order, involving the installation of over 70 special units, tailored to the specific needs of a plant that, with the processing of 2,400 tons of meat per day, is destined to become one of the largest meat processing plants in Europe. What made this project even more challenging was the very tight time frame of only 5 months which, thanks to our experience and expertise in the sector and our production flexibility, was fully respected. The entire order required the construction of the plants for the area for the chilling and stabilizing of the half-carcasses and, subsequently, the plants for the processing cold rooms and loading bays. Thanks to our know-how, we have custom-made all the ammonia-cooled units that proved necessary to meet the needs of the plant, located in Spain, in the Catalonia region.

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