This new range of commercial evaporators is the latest project developed by Stefani, the leading Italian company in the cooling and refrigeration industry.
The range of new SHCP.1 commercial evaporators is the evolution of the previous series of SHCP compact evaporators. It has been designed applying calculation programs and software developed to understand fluid mechanics, vibrations and noise.
These air coolers are highly compact, efficient and feature excellent performance; they consume very little power because of their EC-type motors and important air throws by means of fans and a built-in streamer.
The air coolers manufactured by Stefani have been designed to make installation and maintenance easy thanks to a hinged tray – not only does a unit take less space but also it is easier to clean the exchanger- and to the easy-to-remove lateral panel with side handles and anti-fall screws.
The exchanger in this new range of commercial evaporators has also been designed so that there is no contact between the pipe and the finned coil frames, thus points where the pipe may break are not created and the product life is extended.
Since these air coolers are so compact in size, they are especially suitable to be used in small- and medium-sized cold rooms for the storage and conservation of fresh and frozen food.
This range of radial evaporators manufactured by Stefani can be also used with different kinds of fluids such as HFC, NH3, water and glycol.

SHCP.1 Commercial Evaporators: Main features:

  • Fin spacing: 4 mm – 6 mm – 7.5 mm – 10 mm
  • From 1 to 4 fans, Ø 250 mm – 315 mm – 350 mm – 450 mm – 500 mm in regular and EC versions
  • Power from 1 kW to 65 kW (SC 2 conditions)

SHCP.1 Commercial Evaporators: defrosting

  • Air defrosting
  • Electric defrosting
  • Hot gas defrosting

SHCP.1 Commercial Evaporators: advantages

  • Compact in size
  • Easy to service and inspect finned pack batteries
  • Reduced frost formation
  • Low energy consumption – Low noise
  • Uniform defrosting