50 years of heat exchange

It is not how high the peak is that counts,
but how much the team works together to conquer it.

The meaning of Stefani’s 50 years is all in this concept, which is fundamental for us. Our company has a soul represented by a close-knit group of people who, just like a team, work together to ensure that Stefani continues to be a benchmark in the air heat exchanger market.

Massimo Stefani


We have reached this important milestone thanks to a process that I started immediately, as soon as I took over the lead of the company from my father. Right from the start, I tried to revolutionise Stefani’s structure with the intention of stimulating the initiative of my collaborators. I believe, in fact, that it is ideas that shape the world and that teamwork leads to their realisation.

Chiara Stefani

Purchase Department

Stefani, for me, is home.
Our company has seen me grow and I have seen it evolve and strive constantly towards new and exciting goals. It is exciting to think that 50 years have passed since first my grandfather and then my father started working to build everything we are today. Now it is our turn to aim high and look forward to the future: we count on continuing to do so together with you, who have accompanied us in our continuous growth.

Andrea Stefani

Operation Manager

I am really proud to be able to say that Stefani is a family business, but I am even more proud that our employees are the first to say so. For me and my sister Chiara, this has always been our second home: a place to play when we were children and a forge of experience when we entered the world of work. So, following in the footsteps of our parents and grandparents was only natural. For the future, the outlook can only be that, while continuing to industrialise, Stefani will maintain this family character and persist in promoting team and people power.

Michele Belverato

General Manager

At Stefani I grew humanly and professionally, treasuring the teachings of the most experienced people, first and foremost Giovanni Stefani, who passed on to me the values of sacrifice, collaboration, responsibility for decisions and respect for people. That is why, over these 30 years, I have approached and completed each new project as a personal challenge.

Fabio Zoggia

Commercial Director

We have demonstrated with facts our experience and ability to achieve challenging goals: many of them are the result of creativity. It is not surprising that the three prerequisites that motivate us to find creative solutions are all closely linked to people: the ability to create customised solutions, competence and the hunger for doing. This is an indispensable driving force, made up of people full of light.

Matteo Permunian

Technical Director

I am proud to be in charge of Stefani’s engineering department because I know the fundamental role that my colleagues and I play in product innovation and custom-made machine design. Our common goal is always to use our experience and spirit of cooperation to best meet our customers’ needs.